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Visiting, using, or ordering the products visualized at involves accepting the Terms of Use to be detailed below. Purchases at may only be performed for individuals aged over 18. For adequate use of the webpage, it is recommended that you read carefully the Terms & Conditions. is managed by VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL, Str. Spătarului, no. 27, Sector 2, Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/4949/2009, tax code RO25444858IBAN: RO88BACX0000000979661000, Bank: Unicredit-Tiriac – Nicolae Titulescu branch.

We reserve the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions, as well as any other changes to the webpage without prior notice. By accessing the Terms & Conditions page, you shall always find the latest version of the provisions.




Buyer – an individual, business, company, or another legal entity issuing an Order.
Seller – the company VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL, with registered offices at Str. Spătarului, nr. 27, Sector 2, Bucharest, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/4949/2009, tax code  RO25444858
Goods and Services – any product or service, including the documentation and services mentioned under the Order, to be supplied by the Seller to the Buyer.
Order – an electronic document occurring as a form of communication between the Seller and the Buyer by which the Seller agrees to deliver the Goods and Services and the Buyer agrees to receive such Goods and Services and make payment for same.
Agreement - an Order confirmed by the Seller, with the Buyer receiving an order confirmation email from the Seller. 



In order to be able to purchase from, the Buyer must enter the information at

By using this service, the Buyer represents to supply real, accurate, current, and complete information.

In the event that the Seller believes that the aforementioned obligation was breached, the Seller reserves the right to block the Buyer’s access to the use of the service, on a definite or indefinite term, without prior notice.



1.      The Seller shall use their full professional and technical knowledge in order to achieve the result expressed under the Order and they shall deliver the Goods and Services fulfilling the requirements, needs, and specifications of the Buyer;

2.      The information presented on the Seller’s website is purely informational and subject to change by the Seller, without prior notice. Also, due to considerations of space and coherence of the information structure, product descriptions may be incomplete, however, the seller endeavors to show the most relevant information so that the product may be used within the designed parameters;

3.      Contacting the store – shall be achieved by interaction with the webpage, posting of opinions related to products, or communication by means of addresses mentioned under the “Contact” section. Opinions or formulations containing abuse or improper language shall be excluded from the website or ignored. The Seller is at liberty to manage the information received without the need for justification.



The Seller may assign and/or subcontract a third party for services related to meeting the order, upon notification to the Buyer, but without the need for the consent of the latter. The Seller shall always be liable to the Buyer for all contractual obligations.



The full content of the webpage, including texts, images, graphics, graphic design elements, scripts, and any other information, is the property of the Seller or their suppliers and is protected by Copyright Law and intellectual and industrial property laws. The use, without written consent, of any elements on the website, or any of the aforementioned elements shall be punishable under the current laws. In order to claim intellectual property rights, the Buyer may use the following email address: .



Vinimondo Import Srl ( is part of the Register of Personal Data Operators under no. 31453.

Under the requirements of Law no. 677/2001 for protection of individuals in relation to the personal data processing and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, bears the obligation to provide secure management, and not only for the specified purposes, the personal data that you provide us with on yourself.

The object of collecting such information is: informing users/clients (Buyers) concerning the status of their account at, managed by Vinimondo Import Srl, informing users/clients regarding order progress and status, rating the products and services offered, commercial and promotional activities for products and services, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, improvement, market research, statistics, follow-up and monitoring of sales activities and consumer behavior. 

By filling in your personal information in the Sign-Up and/or Order form, you represent that you unconditionally accept that your personal data be included in the database at, part of the Register for Personal Data Operators under number 31453, and you expressly and unequivocally agree to your personal data being stored, used, and processed, without territorial and/or time limitations, by, their affiliates and partners, for the performance and/or unwinding by, their affiliates, and partners, of activities, such as, without limitation, commercial activities, product and service promotion, marketing, advertising, media, administrative, improvement, market research, statistics, follow-up and monitoring of sales activities and consumer behavior. You also expressly and unequivocally agree to your personal data being transferred (given up) by to their affiliates, as well as to other entity/entities, domestic or abroad.

By reading the Terms & Conditions herein, you acknowledge that you are guaranteed the rights provided under the law, i.e. the right to information, the right to information access, the right to intervention, the right to opposition, the right to not be subjected to an individual decision, the right to address a court of trial if a breach occurred in relation to your rights guaranteed under the Law no. 677/2001 for protection of individuals related to personal data processing and the free movement of such data. You are also entitled to oppose the processing of your personal data or to request the full or partial deletion of such data.

Based on a written notification, dated and signed, sent to Vinimondo Import SRL, Str. Spătarului, nr.27, Sector 2, Bucharest, you may freely exercise the following rights:
- to have confirmed to you, once a year, whether your personal data is or is not processed;
- to intervene over the transmitted data; 
- to oppose the processing of your personal data for strong and legitimate reasons related to their particular status;
- to request deletion of your personal data, except for instances provided by law.
Thus, is able to notify users/clients on current offers by means of the weekly newsletter and may send out congratulation notes, gift vouchers or other special messages. is managed by Vinimondo Import Srl and does not promote SPAM. Any user/client having explicitly supplied their email address at may opt for deleting it from our database.
The information that you supply to us shall be used for the purpose for which it was supplied, to manage, support, and assess our services, and to avert any security, law, or contractual term breach.



All documentation and information, of any kind, supplied by the Buyer to the Seller, shall remain under the ownership of the Seller. They may only be used for the execution of the agreement. No public or press statement, promotion or any other means of disclosure to third parties shall be executed by the Buyer, in relation to the order, without the prior written consent of the Seller.

Personal data may be disclosed, without the consent of the Buyer, in event of litigations/disputes concerning payment frauds to the following recipients: Banks involved in online payments, International Card Bodies and Service/Product Suppliers, and under the law, to the relevant organizations.

Under the provisions of Law no.677/200, the Buyer has the following rights:

1.      The right to information (art.12)

2.      The right to access data (art.13) – the right to obtain, upon request and on a free basis, for one inquiry per year, the confirmation of whether the relevant data were or were not processed by the data operator.

3.      The right to intervention (art.14) – the right to request the data operator, by means of a written notification and on a free basis, the following:

1.      The rectification, update, blocking, or deleting of any incomplete, inaccurate data or illegal processing;

2.      Transforming illegal personal data into anonymous data;

3.      Third-party notification related to the operations provided under sections a) and b).

4.      The right to opposition (art.15) – the right to oppose, on a free basis and by means of a written notification, for founded and legitimate reasons related to their particular status, that the relevant data are subjected to processing.

5.      The right to address justice (art.18) – the right to address justice in order to defend the rights guaranteed by law and that have been breached.

6.      The right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority (art.25).



The price, means of payment, and payment terms are specified in the Order. The Seller shall issue the Buyer with an invoice for the goods and services delivered, while the Buyer must supply all the information necessary for issuing the invoice, under the current legislation. The prices shown at are inclusive of VAT (19%).



Should delivery and/or Order initiation terms fail conformity, the Seller must notify the Buyer in relation to the estimated delivery completion term.

Should the Buyer receive misguided information related to the invoicing or delivery of products, a new order completion term shall be set, within 3 business days.



1. Delivery 
The Seller undertakes to dispatch the Goods by using a door-to-door carrier, to the Buyer.
Under normal circumstances, the delivery term of the products bought by means of the online store at shall range within 3 business days from the time of order confirmation. In the event that the Buyer selected the bank transfer method, the Seller undertakes to deliver the ordered products within 2 days from the date the amount reached the Seller’s account. In case of default, the Seller shall refund the amount within a maximum of 3 business days, in the Buyer’s bank account, unless the Seller agrees to an extension of the delivery term, agreement to be communicated via facsimile or email.

2. Transport – Packaging
Unless otherwise agreed between the Seller and the Buyer, the Seller shall release the risks and responsibilities associated with the Goods and Services, at the time of handing over same to the internal carrier of the Seller, Buyer, and/or their representative.
The Seller shall ensure proper packaging of goods and dispatch of the support documentation. The Seller shall deliver the Goods on Romanian territory.



Acceptance shall take place when Goods and Services are compliant with the technical features mentioned in the Order. In the event that the Buyer discovers that the Products delivered or Services supplied do not comply with technical specifications, they shall notify such fact to the Seller, who will deliver immediately the requested products.



The Seller shall not be held liable for any kind of damages that the Buyer or any third party may incur as a result of fulfillment, by the Seller, of any of their duties, under the Order, and for damages arising from the use of Goods and Services after delivery. The Seller shall be held liable in the event that their subcontractors and/or partners, of any kind, involved in the execution of the Order, do not fulfill any of their contractual duties.


Under GEO no. 130/2000 on consumer protection upon conclusion and execution of remote agreements, the Consumer is entitled to notify the Seller, in writing, on their intention to renounce the purchase, without any penalties and without provision of a reason, within 10 working days from receipt of the product. In the event that the Buyer renounces the purchase under the aforementioned clause, it is mandatory that they return the product in the same state as it was received, i.e. in their original packaging, and unused. In the event such conditions are not fulfilled, the Buyer is not entitled to a refund of the purchase price. The product shall be returned to the offices of S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL, at the exclusive expense of the Buyer. The purchase price refund to the Buyer shall only be executed after receipt of the product and confirmation issued by S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL that such product is in its original packaging and unused. Refund of amounts shall be made in a maximum of 30 days from the date of the written notification of S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL. Should the product be damaged and unable to be sold as new, we reserve the right to refuse the receipt of the product.

S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT SRL is a personal data operator under no 0004888, issued by NSAPDP (The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing).



By using, visualizing, or purchasing products from this website, the Buyer acknowledges that they shall comply with the Romanian laws governing the aforementioned Terms & Conditions and any dispute, of any kind, that may arise between the user and S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT S.R.L. In case of potential conflicts between S.C. VINIMONDO IMPORT S.R.L. and their customers, attempts shall be made to settle such conflicts amicably, within a minimum of 30 business days.

Should an amicable settlement be unattainable, the conflict shall be settled by the relevant court, under the current Romanian laws.



The contracting parties shall be deemed as independent contractors and no party shall be granted the right of authority to assume or create any liability on behalf or to the prejudice of the other party. The Terms & Conditions in this agreement supersede any previous written or verbal arrangements between the aforementioned Parties, related to the object of this Agreement.



No party shall be liable for non-compliance with their contractual duties, should such non-compliance arise due to a force majeure event. Force majeure is deemed to be any unpredictable event, outside the control of the parties, and unavoidable.



This agreement is drafted in Romanian and shall be governed by current Romanian laws. Any potential litigations shall be settled amicably, or if such settlement is not achievable, litigations shall be settled by the relevant Romanian courts.

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