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Radikon is settled in Oslavia, at the Slovenian border and has 11 hectares of vineyards like no others. The property was created in the middle of the XXth century by the father of Stanko Radikon (the current owner). He inherited the estate and decided to keep on making long skin contact wines (more frequently called "orange wines") in the organic way. In 1995, Stanko started making wines with no chemical treatments and 2002 was the year he totally stopped adding sulphites. The very same year, he created his own bottles (half a litre and one litre) and corks to allow the wine to age better.The grapes are harvested manually and the fermentation takes about 4 months. Then, the wine is aged 3 years in large wooden barrels and 1 year in bottle before being released.Stanko defines his own wines as "Slovenian style of Friuli wines".

Merlot - 2002

Red, Dry (Merlot)

375,00 RON

Jakot - 2005

White, Dry (Tocai Friulano)

245,00 RON

Oslavje - 2005

White, Dry (Chardonnay 40%, Pinot Grigio 30%, Sauvignon Blanc 30%)

220,00 RON

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